This year’s Cherry Festival has come with some major challengers but, despite them, we’re ready to offer you the time of your life at the 50th Cherry Festival!

At times during the past year, it has felt as if the whole world had turned its back on the event. We started preparations for our Golden Jubilee early in the year but, one after another, all the doors for sponsorship clanged shut. It was particularly difficult getting support from government, as we were told that there was no budget available — even from tourism.

Our last resort was to approach the Lotto and, if I had known how much work it would take to simply fill in the application, I might have given up the whole idea! The worst part of asking for assistance, was the lackadaisical attitude of those replying to applications.

But, with the support of private sponsorship, we have managed to pull off what we are convinced will be a superb festival for you, although the weather has not played along and this year’s cherry crop is not the best that we have ever seen. The cold snap in October definitely didn’t the cherry farmers any favours.

The chairman and the committee have spent many hours and done lots of hard work in putting together a brilliant programme for you to enjoy. This year marks the 50 consecutive year of hosting the Cherry Festival, making it one of the oldest of its kind in the country, and the wonderful people of Ficksburg have really come together to host this celebration.

This year’s Cherry Festival magazine also shows festival-goers where to find other worthwhile places of interest in the town and district, apart from the festival itself.

As usual, some of South Africa’s hottest musical entertainers will be seen in action on our stages, so, hold onto your hats and prepare for a rockin’ good time!
We invite you to come along and spend some quality time with us in the Cherry Capital of the World!

— Gavin Boy, Co-ordinator