Ben Nevis is not only the second oldest cherry farm in South Africa but, in 1996, became the only farm in the area with its own licensed cellar. While some aficionados may have already sampled these unique alcoholic cherry beverages at food markets and cheese and wine festivals in other parts of the country, a visit to this farm is a must for most Ficksburg festival-goers.

7 Fontein St, Ficksburg, 9730
DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive before 15 minute for a prompt departure at scheduled time
RETURN TIME Approximately after 3 Hours
WEAR Comfortable summer clothing, hat and sunscreen.
Tour of the orchards Tour of the packing shed
Given a punnet of cherries Given a light refreshment
Opportunity to taste cherry products One hour’s travel in each direction
One-hour tour of farm Transportation in taxi
No cherry picking in orchards
Instructor gratuity

As part of the tour, visitors can ramble through the orchards and then go on to an informative tour of the packing shed. After that, you can relax for a while in the shady tea garden. Those with an agricultural bent will be interested to learn about the various cultivars, such as Bing and Royal Dawn, and the fact that it takes a young cherry tree at least seven years to mature.

After sipping the products at the farm shop visitors are sure to have nothing but sweet memories of
this farm tour.